In China! 在中国 (Zai zhong)

The first two days were spent mainly travelling from London to China, the time difference being seven hours left us a little jet lagged and we ended up eating far too much due to missing out on a night’s sleep.

I met Anna at the airport before embarking on our adventures.

We flew first to Beijing, which sure looks like the other side of the planet to me!

At Gatwick, we had coincided our flight with the Chinese Olympic team’s return to China, much to the staff’s excitement, and were given celebratory cake on the plane and some lovely red slippers.

On  arrival in China, the Olympic team were met by a red carpet, trumpets and excited fans who had come out to welcome them.

Despite being exhausted having travelled for 20 hours, we went out for a ‘hot-pot’ dinner.

A ‘hot-pot’ dinner comprises of a large pot with a stove under, in which you cook raw meat, vegetables and tofu in, and then you pick out your food with chopsticks and roll it in various dipping sauces.

After the dinner we promptly found our beds and tried our best to recover from our travels with the bustling sound of the Lanzhou streets beneath us.


3 thoughts on “ In China! 在中国 (Zai zhong)

  1. Hi Abi, It sounds very exciting and really cool! Hope you’ll get used to the toilets, you Dad said you wern’t impressed. We shall follow your progress , so keep it coming. Like the pics, Love you lots , take care. Granny & Grandad

  2. Hi Abbi – the hot pot dinner looks great! Makes me soooo jealous. Enjoy the work and the company, it’s a super opportunity.

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