First Day on the Road

After trying to get some sleep the first night we set out onto the road.


Our transport for the duration of the journey. (Lao Li posing with his car on the right, and Zeng Lin the trip leader on the left).

The roads in the city are in very good condition, but as you leave the highway they deteriorate with many potholes and in some cases half the road has been dug up for road works.

Aside from the road standard, other drivers can be dangerous, lots of overtaking and hooting!

Driving out of Lanzhou towards Wuwei we got a view of loess hills and even more as we got out into the countryside.

We got two samples from fluvial deposits of the Qilian Shan Mountain alluvial fan. The alluvial fan of the Qilian Shan being important as a possibly significant source supply of loess to the Tibetan Loess plateau, as the current wind direction suggests this.

We then ventured out into the Tengger Desert on the east where the Chinese students hadn’t taken any samples yet.

Tom has samples already from here so as we have a limit we just enjoyed the scenery.

Zhang Hanzhi and I.




One thought on “First Day on the Road

  1. Wow! Great pics – the sand dunes look like western Namibia..and it seems to be very hot as well…..thanks for sharing.

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