Venturing into Inner Mongolia and the Silk Corridor

Today was not entirely productive in terms of sampling.

After spending the night in Wuwei, the students decided to take samples locally and we spent the most part of the day searching for active sand dune locations close to the Tengger Desert which were not farmland as there is quite a large amount of artificial irrigation in this area.

We found ourselves often getting lost after trying small roads and ending up at dead ends.

A large part of today was spent travelling, and for the first time during the trip the weather was rainy, chilly and miserable.

Dark skies dim lanterns in a street in Wuwei where we looked for breakfast.

Typical transport seen on the roads of Northern China, often carrying large loads of hay, machinery, crops, people or sheep. Very much a multipurpose transportation vehicle!

Two-humped Asian camels (or ‘luò tuo’, said lor-it-whah) found in herds on the side of the road.

The sky did clear in time for our arrival at Alxa Youxi, a desert town inside the province of Inner Mongolia, bordered by stunning mountains.

Dinner was slightly different in taste and there was the option to dine in Mongolian style tents.

We then visited an authentic Mongolian gift shop, with items such as cowboy hats, jewellery and leather goods, as well as baijiu (Chinese rice wine) in interesting animal skin bottles, Mongolian knives and expensive plant root medicines. They also offered us a taste of a cheese snack, which is possibly some sort of goat or sheep cheese which is piped into circles and then dried out. Very strong in taste, not highly recommended!


2 thoughts on “Venturing into Inner Mongolia and the Silk Corridor

  1. Is that the legendary silk route of the ancient travellers? Wow, imagine the footsteps that have gone that way before…… Also like the scenery and the scooter trucks for transport..

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