Following the Silk Road

After grabbing breakfast we headed off through the desert to go to the Geopark in the Badain Jaren Desert.

Dumpling breakfast.

Anna with her ‘peanuts milk’, which featured a picture of a walnut.

The Geopark at Badain Jaren was quite quiet and we were offered to be driven into the desert by 4X4 for 2000¥, which is about £200. We decided to walk in to the nearby mega dunes to take our sample and enjoy the views.

The museum (seen in the distance and below) was quite a structure.

The rest of our team. From left; Zhang Hanzhi, Lao Li, Zeng Lin, Wu Hai Feng, Lai Fang and Lao Wu.

The dunes were very much the ‘sand sea’ that I had imagined.

Beautiful ripples in the sand.

Another grey day.

Only the best sand will do.

Blending in with the Mongolians inside the museum.

The Silk Road.


More camels. We have taught our driver Lao Li some English, and now every time we see any camels we get ‘Anna! Abi! Kahmelsss!’

We got our first glimpse of the Great Wall (or ‘Cháng chéng’ ). Here it is unlike the commercialised reconstructed parts you may have seen as in Beijing, but in its natural state actually made of loess, which has ultimately led to its erosion as the loess is such a fine material.

Just one of the many types of tea (or ‘cha’) we receive on sitting down for dinner. We’ve tried brown rice tea, flower tea, green tea and Mongolian milk tea. The one pictured is a type of green tea which Anna says is refreshing, but tastes quite a lot like cut grass. Mongolian milk tea was very different to the others, and is made by boiling the tea, which comes from a ‘brick’ or tea which is shaved off for use, in milk making it quite sweet.

Back at our hotel we found a vase that was bigger than the both of us!






3 thoughts on “Following the Silk Road

  1. we watched some of these dumplings being made, they were filled with crabs innards, not many innards in a crab! We were too squeamish to try them. -Pam

  2. A truly immense, empty land out there in the desert. It makes the silk road look even lonelier…….and the great wall, what a huge pile of rock in the middle of nowhere. Enjoying your pics, Abigail.

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