Xi  Gua (Watermelon)

Leaving the desert in search of alluvial fan locations to sample, we reached tree lined roads and farmlands.

Productivity was at an all-time high and we managed to get three samples today from the reaches of the Qilian Mountains.

The Qilian mountain fluvial sediment is thought to be perhaps one of the sources of sediment for the Chinese Loess Plateau, our main research topic.

Sampling dried up river sediment.

Sampling river sediment of the Black River (Hei Hu)

The rest of the day was spent asking for directions and teaching Lao Li English.

Sheep crossing a tree lined road, and a very typical electric moped.

Zeng Lin and Lao Li puzzling over the map.

A word a day.

We stopped for lunch where they hacked apart a watermelon and while we carefully picked out the seeds into a tissue, everyone else promptly spat them out on the floor or into the bin.

Following the Silk Road further west led us to some beautiful views and finally to Jiayuguan where we ended up in a 5 star hotel as it was the only one which accepted foreigners- such a shame!

Lao Li illustrating how to fill your ‘bing’ bread at dinner.


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