Back to LanZhou

Despite being slightly stranded, we have been amusing ourselves with cream cakes, street markets and Chinglish.

Beautiful cream cakes from recently discovered Aili bakery.

The street food market was fascinating, stalls just popped up selling so many different types of foods.

They had squid on a stick, fresh sweet corn and amazing ‘bing’ breads, amongst goat heads and pigs feet, which we didn’t fancy too much!

Here you could choose as many different skewers as you liked, and they were grilled for you to take away.

Haze of the LanZhou street market.

Some wonderful examples of Chinglish- muddled Chinese to English translations. Some are quite straightforward, others are a little more abstract.

Any takers on what ‘wine behing bath’ means? Or ‘meaning type style pasta’? We’re still puzzled.

(A few of these pictures were taken by Anna Bird- pictures 4, 7, 9, 11, 12 &14)




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