Insta-blog post

The first part of the trip through the eyes of Instagram.

Part of the old JiuQuan city wall.

Nuts and spices at the market in JiuQuan.

Brightly coloured wrapped sweets.

Sand dunes on the first day.

‘Birthday cake’ flavoured Oreos- they have sprinkles in them!

Monument and round passageway at JiuQuan Park.

Crocodiles in the JiuQuan Park Zoo.

Miniature dumplings being made in a café in JiuQuan.

Train from JiuQuan to LanZhou.

More beautiful cakes from Aili bakery.


6 thoughts on “Insta-blog post

  1. Alice has just put me onto your blog site. Absolutely amazing pictures. look forward to following your progress. Alice’s Dad

  2. Hello Abi, I have come via Alice’s blog, and see I have a lot to enjoy here! I create pastries…and have scrolled far enough to see I could learn a trick or two. I will visit again, delightful all around, and you have a fabulous name!

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