On the Road Again

Before we headed off on the next part of the trip, we went to see Tom give a talk at Lanzhou University.

The talk was very aptly named ‘Source of loess and sand in North China- a surprise in store?’ and was extremely informative on the history of loess, the importance of studying loess, and we even got a glimpse of unpublished data.

Busy Lanzhou University canteen.

We also went to a tea (or ‘cha’) shop with Dr. Junsheng Nie, Tom’s host in Lanzhou, where we could taste the tea and had the opportunity to buy all different kinds of tea, teapots and pictures made of special ‘puer’ tea.

We tried white tea, green tea, jasmine tea and oolong tea. Junsheng also treated us to the highest quality oolong tea from Taiwan which was a nice gesture.

We headed out first thing the next day to Qinghai province in order to sample modern sediment from the upper reaches of the Yellow river.

We did some sampling on the way, on the Shui River, to see the difference between the Shui and the Yellow rivers, possibly for further studies.

Roadside xi gua, yes, cut up with a penknife.

Gonghe basin was definitely a change of scenery, and much cooler than Lanzhou.

Interesting rubbish on the side of the road. Chinglish or not? We couldn’t decide.

The night was spent in Gonghe town, which is an amalgamation of various minority cultures, so we went to a Muslim restaurant and had yak (‘mao niu’) meat and shortbread style biscuits.

The waitress was quite adorable too.


3 thoughts on “On the Road Again

  1. “Cola-beef” – chinglish for ……………….?? You are having a culinary experience of note during this trip! Bet you can cook-up some great meals now.

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