Qinghai Tourism

Our first day in Qinghai province we headed out towards the east of Qinghai Lake, to avoid the southern parts, which are more popular with tourists.

On the way around we stopped at Ga Hai, a smaller lake next to Qinghai Lake.

The route to get to the lake was marshy and in some parts inundated with water. We even had to step on bricks to get over the grass.

Snow-capped mountains next to the lake.

When we were visiting, there was a constant procession of people bringing enormous bags full of small fish from trucks and emptying them in the lake. When we tried to find out why they were doing this, we found that they were fishermen, and by putting the fish in the lake, they would grow bigger and they could fish them next year.

We never did reach Qinghai Lake, between us and the lake were enormous sand dunes, which we climbed up and across and finally got a view of the lake.

On the opposite side of the road to the lake, there were grasslands and sand dunes between us and the mountains in the clouds.

When the sun finally made an appearance we headed further south and spotted this river terrace on the side of the road.

The modern river which is there now is a wide, braided channel, which can be seen in the terrace. The layers and ridges across the top half of the terrace correspond to different times of fluvial deposition.

Further south we reached Longyang gorge and Longyangxia reservoir and dam.

Every corner we turned we were met by a different magnificent view.

The whole canyon was made up of various fluvial sediments, with various eroding styles. The ridge is a more resistant material, such sandstone, as opposed to the surrounding silt and sand materials. This would have come about by changes the energy of the river over time, which would determine the size of sediment the river could carry, and further deposit.

Longyangxia reservoir.

The day was finished off by some more roadside xi gua.


(Picture 9 by Anna)




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