First day on the Huang He (Yellow River)

Most of the fieldwork in China involves lots of driving, and this was no different.
Up on the Tibetan Plateau however we were often met by beautiful views and Tibetan Buddhist prayer flags which brighten up the journey.

We descended slightly and took a sample of the modern yellow river near the town of Qinghai.

Tree lined avenue leading to the river.

Here the river was relatively fast flowing, and already had its yellow colour which gives the river its name.

We had lunch nearly on the river, where there was a small settlement and we were served food in attractive fabric tents.

The drive to the next town was long and the roads are sometimes in bad condition, but we had a national park either side to keep us occupied.

One of the many national parks in Tibet, and it really was quite beautiful.

From left- Anna, Me, Lao Li and Tom.

(Pictures from 6, 7, 8, 11, 12, 13 and 14 from Anna, picture 9 from Tom)


2 thoughts on “First day on the Huang He (Yellow River)

  1. Again great pics – big skies, empty land, mountains, deep valleys and those amazing tent villages, the Yellow river – Thanks for sharing with us.

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