Yellow River Source Lakes

The lakes in the Sanjianyuan area are ultimately the source of the Yellow River and this area has been conserved, with eco-monitoring and the formation of a nature reserve to protect the ‘water tower of China’.

The lakes seemed to just melt into the sky.

We reached our highest altitude on the trip of 4610m above sea level.

A record for nearly everyone on the trip.

More Tibetan Buddhist prayer flags.

“The road is broken”- Zeng Lin.

Our most upriver sample location, just a few miles away from the lakes.

The Yellow River ‘hoffel’ was at the source lakes.

Tibetan scenes in Madou.

(Pictures 1 and 9 from Anna, 10 from Tom)



2 thoughts on “Yellow River Source Lakes

  1. Good pics Abi. Love the lake and emptiness and also the Tibetan scenes in Madou. The day looks very cold and windy – at 4610m it should be! What a mighty river it is. Enjoy!

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