Grassland ladies

The next part of our trip involved us travelling into Sichuan province to the town of Aba.

When we arrived, we found a dominant police presence due to a martyr monk setting themselves alight last year. The town was in lockdown, which really was a world away from the Qinghai Tibetan towns and friendly Tibetan people.

Mountains in the clouds.

Traditional Tibetan homes, in the richer province of Sichuan.

Jagged clouded mountains.

Tibetan nomads seemed to be gathering in this one place today on our journey to Aba.

Our sample was taken on the first big dog-leg of the river.

The side we sampled was an inner bend of a meander and was composed of layers of alternate sand and silt layers, presumably laid down during flood events.

The opposite side had been eroded and there was slight terracing with the cliff level higher than the floodplain.

Grasslands National Park near Ruoergai.

Intricately hand painted eaves of a Buddhist temple.

Endless corridor of prayer wheels.

Young monk leaving a building in the monastery.

More photographs with monks.

Nearly at our stop for the night, we notice alongside the road two Tibetan ladies rounding up their herd of yak on the grasslands for the night. Lao Li stops and we end up with Anna and Zhang Hanzhi riding horses herding the yak for the ladies.


(Picture 13 by Tom)




2 thoughts on “Grassland ladies

  1. Mountain scenes are so empty and so vast. What a beautiful place. The pic of the prayer wheels is very impressive, but it seems that some of the party may have to return again next year to assist with the yak round-up! Great Blog, Abi…

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