Monks on mopeds

Monks on mopeds- of course, how else did you expect them to get around?

We visited an ancient Buddhist temple in the mountains near Ruoergai. Unfortunately for some of us on this day there was an important meeting in the temple, and no women were allowed, so we explored the outskirts and town close by.


Flowers outside the home of a Chinese medicine man in the town.


Again we were honoured to be given the opportunity to visit a Tibetan home and family.

They had put an enormous spread of lunch on for us, while they stood watching us curiously and taking photographs.

This family being in Sichuan and being settled had a television and ornate carved wood walls and cabinets everywhere we went.

It is very hard to compare the two Tibetan family experiences as they varied hugely. The family in Sichuan appear wealthier, but the family in Qinghai owned a large amount of yak, and we were told that they would be very rich once they sold the yak, which would be worth a fair amount.

Both homes were decorated ornately, and they showed a lot more pride in the appearance of their homes, something that we had hardly seen elsewhere.


We crossed over a log bridge to get to the river.

Tom leapt across.


…and I took a more cautious approach.

Alongside the road were bee hives and a tent with bee keepers.

Inside the tent, the honey was poured into bottles for us from a huge vat, full of this organic fresh yellow honey.

We finally got to have ‘treasure of plateau’ yak yoghurt, and it was pretty good!


This man had a TV box tied to his back like a backpack.


We were able to visit an enormous primary pine forest and an incredible deep incising gorge through it.


During the day, the electric window in Lao Li’s car had stopped working, so we went to a mechanic, who had the most elegant solution.


(Pictures 8, 10 and 11 by Tom)




One thought on “Monks on mopeds

  1. Hello Abi, I come from Mrs M’s blog (Alice C) and am thrilled and delighted to be exploring Tibet through you! Thank you for publishing your blog for the world to see – I am fascinated.

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