Muddy Feet

We got our last yellow river sample today near the town of Linxia.

We checked out some people exercising in the town square – video to come later on!

And did some driving through beautiful mountains and scenery.

We dropped right down from the high altitude of before, and it was a really noticeable change in landforms and vegetation.
Less rolling green mountains, more resistant rock landforms. Less plateau grasslands, more rockery shrubs.

The yellow river here in its lower course was travelling really fast, and the channel was really wide. The colour was much more blue than we were expecting and to what we had seen before, but was carrying finer material.

River terrace, showing distinctly different zones where the river has changed its characteristics through time.

We decided that today would be perfect for filming the sampling process.
It was also the day that I misjudged the river bank and stepped fully into the river sand, leaving me with feet caked in mud, like little mud booties.

Unfortunately for me, but fortunately for you this was all filmed and I will publish the video soon. Here are some stills from the video in the meantime.

We were sure that we could just pop my shoes into a sample bag and we’d have enough sample to test.

On the way back we stopped for more yak yoghurt, this time with the added element of banana.  The shop owner was very proud of her selection. We could have bought tubs of the fresh yakky goodness, but unfortunately had no way of keeping it cold.

(Pictures 6, 10 and 11 from Tom)


3 thoughts on “Muddy Feet

  1. The sediment would have been finer seeing as the river had deposited those “pebbles” on the river bank. Good thing too – I think it would have been difficult fitting those into a sample bottle.

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