A Right Chinese Affair

Back in Lanzhou we met again with Junsheng Nie and had a day or so in the city. We also met with Tom’s former colleague and Royal Holloway lecturer Xingmen Meng, now Dean of the research school of Arid Environments and Climate Change at Lanzhou University.

Whilst walking around the city, we bumped into Tom’s third year tutee and dissertation advisee, Chen Feng who was also in Lanzhou despite being from Shanghai.

She had been reading my posts before she came out too!

Small world, even in China.

(From left- Chen Feng, Tom, Anna and I)

The day we left was both Tom’s and Xingmen Meng’s birthdays, and Xingmen and his team had provided an enormous feast for us, which was very formal, with speeches and toasts occurring regularly throughout the meal, and then everyone leaving their seats to individually give toasts at different times.

Birthday noodles. Very very long – apparently like a wish.

Enormous slice of birthday cake.

Make your own bbq skewers.

Elaborate fruit platter.

(Pictures 2, 4 and 5 from Tom)


2 thoughts on “A Right Chinese Affair

  1. Abi: thanks for the photos which keep a good memory of our birthday in 2012. Hope you can come back again carrying out your further fieldwork here. You will be welcomed by Lanzhou University.

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