Beijing: Olympic Park

Following the fieldwork, I went on and spent a few days in Beijing before flying home.

After arriving and trying to get to grips with public transport, I found my hostel and ventured into the city.

I headed first for Wanfujing, the shopping area. The city centre was packed, and I explored the markets and got a sense of the city.

Starfish, seahorse and scorpion snacks.

I later headed north of the city to the Olympic Park, home of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

The Bird’s Nest

I was able to go into The Water Cube, which was incredible, I was able to sit in the competition hall, and see what I had seen on the telly.


4 thoughts on “Beijing: Olympic Park

  1. Great photos of Beijing and the Olympic Park and your walk-about. We look forward to spending time with you and hearing first hand your impressions and experiences. Enjoy the new varsity year!

  2. Oh my lovely Beijing! I have studied in Beijing for one year before came to the uk, I love the city more than my hometown Shanghai. You can come to Shanghai if you have opportunity to visit China again, it is a modern city and is completely different from Beijing. Welcome~

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